Thornhill is where I am from.–a-life-size-model-train

“I’ve learnt a lot about what not to do,” says Jason Shron of Thornhill, Ontario. “I think I’ve learned more about what not to do than to do. I’m still trying to figure out what to do.”

That’s progress.

Before this

My first WordPress site was called It still exists. I was experimenting with satire. There were two whole posts before I went back to poetry for a while.

The first post came from reading too much of They have a video bit called “This Is Not Rex Murphy” where a guy who looks like Big Brother gives you the 411 on right wing fascism in Canada, or something like that. I found the whole thing absurd so I rewrote the whole thing word for word, essentially switching every bad with good and every up with down.

“Rex Murphy: Next routine labour showdown will be of no historical significance.”

I’m proud enough of the jokes a year later. Hopefully Ford’s appeal will drive a little traffic this ways.

The second post was effectively me giving up on the project. Effectively I decided for about 10 minutes I was as funny as the entire writing team for The Daily Show.

“News is Penis.”


I have a poem in the new issue of Ottawater called “Sunday is Remembrance Day and Monday is also Remembrance Day.” Ottawater is a big, beefy .pdf with lots of great stuff, including poems by my friends Ben Ladouceur and Cameron Anstee, plus pretty rad art from folk like Peter Shmelzer and Genevieve Thauvette. If you’re in Ottawa January 24th you probably owe yourself a couple pints at the Carleton Tavern considering the snow we’re getting. rob mclennan always puts on a good show with little pretence, and I’m sure rockstars like Monty Reid and Pearl Pirie will be there.

Finally, I’ve updated the poem “Poor Odds” in a couple little ways if you’re the sort who cares about canon. One, I ‘fact-checked’ the first line. Two, I’ve included in the notes a journal entry of mine from ten years earlier which I wrote while the DC Snipers were earning their infamy in the fall of 2002.