Yosef Ruven, son of Israel Laeb, son of Golda Hinda

My mother is a teacher-librarian who rocks the suburbs.  With students at Ross Doan Public in Richmond Hill, she helped create an outdoor classroom. The kids had to consider lighting/shade, accessibility, the best way to design a forum for leaning – you name it, she had K-4 students thinking about it. For that Ontario recognized her as “inspirational.” She also teaches media literacy, which I wish we had when we were kids (would’ve given us a leg-up on the Internet, that rascally subversion). And before I was old enough to work I’d volunteer wherever the Board had her that year (K-8, French Immersion, my school on occasion) and get paid in double allowances and Harvey’s for lunch with extra pickles on the side to share.

My father is the guy who settles matters between people who get in car accidents and the people who are supposed to insure them. The Ontario Insurance Litigation Blog gave him props last summer for “restor[ing] some sanity to the ongoing saga of whether a “slip and fall” incident is an “auto accident”.” Though I’m almost certain he generally spoils his ballot, in a recent decision he recognized physical pain can stem from a mental disorder, dismissing an insurer’s appeal to the contrary, and potentially widening the definition of “catastrophic impairment,” making him a rights hero in my books. Also I have no idea how he keeps his head from exploding with frustration on a regular basis.

Love em both and am very proud to be their son.

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