An Apt. 9 Production

so long cover

For immediate release

My first publication since Back to My Old Self (2011, Odourless Press) drops in two weeks at Raw Sugar Cafe on Somerset. I’m honoured to read along such talents as Stephen Brockwell and Christine McNair, and we hope to read to a full house. Raw Sugar is the perfect blend of down-to-earth cafe and old K-Mart restaurant where you can drink.

Here’s what’s in the book:
So Long As The People Are People

because Kate said Yes

Single Player’s Revival
National Survey
Nuts & Bolts
So Far Untitled
Song for David Currie
Day Planner
Poem for C.D. Howe
The Nesting Stuff of Humanity
You Are Not A Winner
How to Kiss the Prime Minister
Two Virgins Ago

Early bird special at the Ottawa Small Press Fair (probably like buy 2, get 1 free). Pre-orders may be taken via the publisher. So Long As The People Are People wherever fine zines are sold.

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