I hate to hugger-mugger, but

I’ve a new poem up at the Steel Chisel, and it’s cryptic as hell but as the Sea Captain says, “You live by the ghost, you die by the ghost.” Watch this space for new poems that don’t require Google.

Other good news: A poetry tour featuring Justin Million, jesslyn delia smith, Rachael Simpson, Cameron Anstee and I is taking form. It will hook around Canadian Thanksgiving, with stops in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Peterborough. Dates & details later this summer.

A brief note for poets:An earlier version of Curglaff is available on YouTube. I want to say I appreciate literary outlets like the ‘Chisel for publishing a poem that’s appeared elsewhere. With two of Canada’s biggest poetry prizes – the Walrus’ and the CBC’s – denying entry to poems poets have performed on stage, and countless other submissions barred to bloggers & zinesters who JUST WANT TO SHARE THEIR DAMN POETRY and earn a living, we need more outlets like this. Kudos, Mr. Emery.

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