On a bus, on a train, under the ocean

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Revolution from My Bed

Last Wednesday, I tried to take my own life. Maybe I’ve tried before, feebly, sometimes privately without making a sound, without hospitalization, but this time I tried fully intending to face whatever comes next–nothingness, heaven, hell, eternal dreaming, purgatory, reincarnation, whatever. As I slowly drifted in to unconsciousness, I was without fear, and full of resignation.

Maybe this is hard to hear, and for that I apologize. Truthfully, I find myself apologizing for almost everything lately. I’ve been severely depressed for so long that most of my friends now probably can’t remember me being well; but, I can remember, and it’s painful to be so inert, so impoverished, so useless, so undependable when I used to be a survivor, above all things, but also talented, passionate, and exuberant. I had respect. I had someone who thought he could spend the rest of his life loving me.

Everyone has their own…

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Clean to the blade

I have a new poem up at Blacklock’s Reporter. Consider it a sneak preview of what you’ll get in FIVE, the #poetrytour anthology from Apt. 9 Press.

A thank you to Editor Tom Korski and everyone at Blacklock’s for providing clear, meaningful analysis of how government works (or doesn’t) in Canada—with a spot for poets. If you’re in need a chuckle, look up Shai Ben-Shalom’s poems at Blacklock’s. Total Martian world view.

OK Big News

This (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend I will be on tour with my good friends Justin Million, jesslyn delia smith, Cameron Anstee, and Rachael Simpson. We’ll be performing in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Peterborough. I cannot stress enough how excited I am about all of this.

Visit An Accord of Poets for dates & details.