Even More Unusual Accomplishment


Justin Million and I will be releasing the final instalment in our They Don’t All Need to be Winners trilogy on our #poetrytour, which for the time being is a trilogy. It will be a remix / mashup / erasure exercise combining our two previous collaborative zines, You Will Be Seeing Unusual Accomplishment and Leg Brain. To celebrate this / get my ass re-engaged with these old poems, I’ve created an animated and musical edition of You’ll Be Seeing’ via the superb new art application, New Hive.

Here’s the link to the collection: You Will Be Seeing Unusual Accomplishment (New Hive Remix). Hope you like Billy Idol.

In case it f’s up, here are separate links for each track:
The Gate (Obviously Ed Just Teasing Remix)
Two-Headed Secret (This Gentleman from the Courtoom Remix)
a hard kiss, and the book rights (Dramatic Individuals Remix)
Sweet sixteen, O peachy keen (Do Anything Nude on the Moon Remix)
The Visit (State Song of Florida Remix)
a zealous accord
A Question of Tonnage (Click For Applause Remix)

The words are all Justin’s and mine – the music and visuals are almost entirely other people’s. We’re making no money off this, but let me know if you’re buggered. All things may change!


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