Come one?

An honour last week to read at the Sawdust Series with Dave O’Meara and Kiera Sandrock. If you’re a poet, you can a feature at Sawdust with 150 lines by June 1. (FB TW mail). This month’s judge is Dave himself.

Speaking of whom, I’ve a quick poem spun off his work at Synapse. Synapse is the brain child of Jordan Chevalier (author of So Far, Dave Bites Cameron Press, 2013). It features the only literature about Marineland worth reading. They publish weekly, if you’re interested, chin scratch, daydream, etc

In English

I’m thrilled to announce my poem, The Prime Minister shook his son’s hand, will be appearing in Best Canadian Poetry in English 2015, sometime this fall. I’m also stupefied something so short (it’s a sentence long!) could have such an impact, but, hey, that’s poetry.

Particular props to the eds. of BCP for scouring the Internet for Can Lit, and to The Steel Chisel, who have now published three of my poems, including the similarly Harper-is-human-themed, How to Kiss the Prime Minister, and the listicle-inspired madness that is Curglaff. If you’re a Canadian poet, submit to little Canadian publications like the Steel Chisel – the grown-ups are paying attention. 😉


You are entering the frottage of every promise
we’ve made another, and you, you, you—
there used to be just you, but now
you too.


Excerpt from a new work I’ll be debuting tomorrow night at the Sawdust Reading Series. I’ll be reading alongside the incomprable David O’Meara, and Kiera Sandrock, a new voice I’m excited to hear/meet.

Event details: Wednesday May 20, 7pm at the Pour Boy, 495 Somerset St W, Ottawa. Event is upstairs. Open mike before us name-in-lights types, bar & dinner service throughout. Facebook event.


My blue metaphor. My pink metaphor. My blue
and pink metaphor. My lingo. My perfect small talk.
My squirm of news.