An Accord of Poets – One-Year Anniversary and Sale

Some of the poems most proud to have written and to be published alongside. On sale. You like poems? $10, bub. That’s a steal.

Cameron Anstee

One year ago today, I was excited and lucky to be starting a five-day poetry reading tour with Jesslyn Gagno, Jeff Blackman, Justin Million, and Rachael Simpson. We read in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Peterborough (and later Kingston). Apt. 9 published its first book with a spine to coincide with the tour, and today, to mark the one year-anniversary, that book is on sale for 50% off ($10.00 down from $20.00). It’ll be on sale October 11-15, the original five days of the tour. If you missed it the first time around, or just feel like buying a backup copy (or three), this is a good time do it! Thanks once again to all in the Accord, to our families for putting up with our extended absence over the Thanksgiving weekend, and to all that helped make the tour possible. ‪#‎itallhappened‬ ‪#‎oneyearago‬



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Heather Grace Stewart

I want a Canada
less concerned about veiled faces;
more concerned about veiled truths.
less concerned about winning a campaign;
more concerned about uniting a country.

A Canada that includes, not excludes; one
that lifts its people up
protects the land
educates our children.
I want a Canada
that’s true, strong and free
like the song I learned by heart
so long ago
when I believed every word
without a doubt.


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