Small Press Book Fair, Reviews

I’ll be at the Ottawa Small Press Fair this Saturday with new titles from Horsebroke Press (e.g., Amanda Besserer) and Apt. 9 Press (e.g., Lea Graham). The night before I’ll be at the Carleton Tavern helping to launch Amanda’s The Desert and The Flood. Stoked.

Apt. 9 Press

Apt. 9 Press will be present at the upcoming Ottawa Small Press Book Fair on Saturday, June 18th. Sadly, I will not be personally present (though for exciting reasons; I’ll be speaking at this conference in Montreal). Jeff Blackman (poet, friend, father, neighbour, gardener, and publisher of Horsebroke Press), will be running a half-Apt. 9, half-Horsebroke table. Come out to see his new exciting things, and be sure to pick up Apt. 9’s latest chapbook, Lea Graham’s This End of the World: Notes to Robert Kroetsch. We will also have backlist from Lillian Necakov, Michael Casteels, Christine McNair, and of course, copies of Five.

IMG_0847 Packed up for the Book Fair.

Speaking of Lea Graham’s chapbook, it has received threeseparatereviews since it was published last month. We’re very happy that people are responding to it so positively! You can also find a new review…

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