NPM #20 (Din’s Fire)

pacing the over-world
waiting for stores to open
taking green potions
the hours’ bones show

whole skeletons and tendons
ape from dirt, swipe for flesh
but I am aflame; invulnerable

but not when my green is gone
my legs won’t work
I throw my head forward
my frame follows

heh— heh— heh—
grunt & roll towards dawn

& just as light loads o’er the horizon
the biggest skeleton appears
& disappears immediately
—a false epiphany?

biological alarms reset the village
(dreams blown like dust off a cart)

I enter and a few head turn
pretend their eyes elsewhere—
who was that unblinking drifter
loitering in my memory
like smoke in a room?

You see there is this extra large wallet
I am ready to win.

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