These Days #5

…feat. an interview with Riverbed Reading Series curators, Ellen Chang-Richardson and nina jane drystek, and poetry by IAN MARTIN, Ksenija Spasic, LN Woodward, Vanessa Davies, Gail Blackman, Andrew Blackman, and Pete Gibbon. Cover photo by Jenn Huzera. You can find more of her work at Kindred Shop and Studio in Ottawa. Available via Etsy.

These Days #4

Howdy all. Issue #4 is finally on its way out the door. Expect a more formal post this weekend.

Also, I’ve hit my personal goal of culmulatively raising $50 in patronage so far, with a good $35 or so now coming in a month. so I’m going to make good on a personal promise: I’m going to start retroactively paying all contributors $10 per issue. Expect a more formal post soon too, plus a proper email if you’re a past contributor.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this little magazine, whether with monetary support, literary and artistic contributors, or just your appreciation.