“Jeff Blackman has long been an under-appreciated member of Ottawa’s literary community. Primarily known as a founding editor of the Ottawa’s great lost literary-sex magazine, The Moose & Pussy, Blackman has quietly but steadily developed one of the most unique and varied poetic voices in the city in the last half-decade. Previous publications from Odourless Press, Horsebroke, and In/Words received only a fragment of the attention they deserved. So Long As The People Are People is a call for the sanity of the humane and the personal in an increasingly negative and combative world.” – Cameron Anstee, Apt. 9 Press

“Whenever I open my inbox I re-read another section of Jeff Blackman’s chapbook manuscript, So Long As the People Are People, which Apt. 9 Press is publishing [June 2013]. Jeff is the risk-takingest poet I know—too bad he has a full-time job. We should all be parasites.” – Bardia Sinaee, winner 2012 Walrus Poetry Prize, Reader’s Choice Award.


To contact Jeff email jeffblackman2001 at gee male don’t com. Or better yet tweet him @jeffblackman2k1

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