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I have launched an Etsy Store for my small press, Horsebroke. There you may order both my newest chapbook, “I don’t know what you need,” and my Coral Castle Trilogy with Justin Million. More titles to come, both from my back catalog and hopefully friends and peers this summer.


Unusual snapshot

Download You Will Be Seeing Unusual Accomplishment – the first concrete collaboration between Justin Million & myself.

Unusual snapshot 2

Written over two days on a typewriter and assembled with a flatbed scanner for the 2013 Ottawa Zine Off, YOU WILL BE SEEING UNUSUAL ACCOMPLISHMENT is a poetic exploration of Ed Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle. The American Stonehenge was built for Ed’s “Sweet Sixteen” and to this day it’s construction remains a mystery.

We thank everyone involved in the Ottawa Zine Off (lucky you with your hard-copies!), and anyone’s who’s ever posted or hosted content regarding Ed & his Castle online.

Unusual snapshot 3