Oral history of These Days

The good folks at Meet The Presses invited panelists for the Indie Lit Symposium to record a video about their press. So! Here’s a quick oral history of These Days issues one through six. I wish I could name everyone who has contributed and submitted, so I’ll do that here.

Thank you to Andrew Blackman, Avonlea Fotheringham, Bardia Sinaee, Ben Ladouceur and Scott Lemoine, Cameron Anstee and Jenn Huzera, Dave Currie and Jen Baker, Ellen Chang-Richardson, Erin Maxfield, Gail and Lawrence Blackman, IAN MARTIN, jesslyn delia smith, JM Francheteau, Jordan Chevalier, Justin Million, Kate Maxfield, Ksenija Spasic, LN Woordward, Mark Sokolowski, Nina Jane drystek, Owen Hewitt and Gabrielle Forget, Peter Gibbon, Sam Cronk, Sara Maxfield, Sneha and John Madhavan-Reese and their three daughters, Tanya Decarie, Vanessa Davies, and Zishad Lak, for your contributions and your support.

Running a zine These Days

Decarie_Tanya-these days 3_coronawarrior_v2

[Image above is by Tanya Decarie, and will grace the cover of the next issue]

Since late March I’ve been puttin out a zine called These Days. It’s been possible thanks to the support of Kate Maxfield, Andrew Blackman, Justin Million, Cameron Anstee, Jenn Huzera, Scott Lemoine, Ben Ladouceur, Peter Gibbon, Mark Sokolowski, Bardia Sinaee, JM Francheteau, Jennifer Baker, David Currie, Tanya Decarie, Owen Hewitt, and Jordan Chevalier. My apologies if I forgot you. If you’re interested in a free copy sent to your door please email thesedayszine2020@gmail.com. You can also find These Days on Patreon and support the zine, if you got $ to free.