Dick move

After David Currie

The turkey vulture is the only animal that apologizes for its mean comments. The turkey vulture survives by hounding other birds off their nests, not so they may eat their unborn young or fledglings but so the turkey vulture may feel it has done something with its day. It apologizes so it may feel it was brought up right.

Eye Contact for David Currie

Put on this mask. It looks like my gf
from senior year. Now sprout leather wings
& scram! I’m kidding. I am wearing
a mask as well. It’s of the man
my gf, well…

Did you know, Dave, that in first year
my friends back home made a friend
they named Winter Jeff? Winter Jeff’s
gf left him just in time for prom
and got knocked up at prom
and Winter Jeff just wanted to support her
–however he could–and her family loved him.

Dave, did you know just last week
when we were driving through Kingston
for a show, Justin pointed and said, “Look!
It’s gay David Currie,” and we laughed.
Rachael laughed so hard I felt horrible.

-March 2015