Dick move

After David Currie

The turkey vulture is the only animal that apologizes for its mean comments. The turkey vulture survives by hounding other birds off their nests, not so they may eat their unborn young or fledglings but so the turkey vulture may feel it has done something with its day. It apologizes so it may feel it was brought up right.



Auto-complete commits to my mistakes

(my mom becomes a mountain). One minute’s

effort on the internet fails to explain

how white words were etched

into old photographs. I’ve no third thing.


Reading this to myself I convince myself

this is poetry (I have a lilt). Having misread

a text from a friend about another friend

and how things went, I lost it—yowling in

the basement about commitment


I assumed the worst. I ignore my mother

and she has to text my wife. There are photos

of my son’s namesake’s wedding and I

made no comment to date. What now?

Rush to do better? Yah, I guess so.


I open Facebook again with empty hope.




Props to jesslyn “we can’t see if the foundation is cracked” delia for getting me all parenthetical. She too is writing a poem-a-day for National Poetry Month, so follow her too.

Terms and Conditions for Volleyball

Today, December 3, 2014, in response to the Province of Ontario’s guidelines for physical education in primary education, I declare that my rights are attached to my body, my spirit, my mind, and my hustle. For recreational and educational use of the forgoing my explicit consent is required at all times. Those reading this text can recite it in Mr. Della Rossa’s, Mr. Orr, and Mr. Bevilaqua’s P.E. classes as well. This will allow them to place themselves under the protections of Provincial Law, and to not have to set up the volleyball nets. By this release, I tell Ms. Gosling that it is strictly forbidden to attack, dink, double quick, hit, pancake, roof, spike, stuff, or take any other action against me on the basis of my tendency to flee even the softest serve. The actions mentioned above equally apply to teachers, substitute-teachers, student teachers, students and especially Marcus Adler. Also, the contents of my gym bag includes private information.