Before the copycats [An incomplete poem]

Little Jew on my lap, I know Canada’s old Jew of letters
certainly did worse than hypnotize his sitter to undress.
Still, I will sing his verses and praise him
as an ancestor.

Little Jew on my lap, I do not know if it is worse
if the rabbi in the news vandalized her own home
or if some genuine Nazi did. The propagandists
offer apostates absolution.

Little Jew on my lap, do you know what it means
to be a Jewish in Canada in 2016? I assumed
we were immune from future culls.

Little Jew, us big Jews
do not know what to do.
Learn to speak, please, soon.

The Widow and the Virgin

The experts are divided: either Judith watches herself saw Holofernes or looks away. Either her maid stands behind her with a bag or sits astirde the general’s chest. Either he grits his teeth or screams unfair. Either way she bed him and behead him. Either way the Jews do not on paper claim her, content with Esther; Esther who demonstrates you may change a man.