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The shelter newsletter’s poetry corner contains poems no reputable journal will publish. I read poems for a reputable journal and regularly reinforce this, rejecting honest and unoriginal suffering as uninteresting. What’s less inspired than tomorrow’s promise? What could be more cliché than deciding to listen? Who concludes a lyric, “I love you,” and expects an honorarium?


This winter fire struck the Cornerstone Shelter in Ottawa. If you can afford it, please give a little. They maintain four residences in the city, providing support for more than 400 women every year.


yes the front page

Two poems of mine appear this month in Blacklock’s Reporter, Ottawa’s only reporter-owned and operated media outlet. This week they’re featuring my nostalgic navel-gazer, Poem for C.D. Howe, and I can’t think of a better place for it. National Survey, in which I make claims, will appear next week. You’ll need to subscribe to read them at them first, but they will eventually appear in their free digest (I’ll link to them once available). In the meantime you should check out their back issues anyways, because they’ve got serious reporting on how our government works (or doesn’t) and poems by Ben Shai-Shalom.

I’ve also got a poem, Monogamy, in the latest issue of In/Words. I think this marks my 500th poem published with Carleton U’s little mag that can. But seriously, In/Words is kicking ass and taking names these days. Their event at VerseFest last month was a blast, featuring a gamut of talent. As with Blacklock’s, the free pdf edition isn’t up yet. Make your way to Carleton campus (check Mike’s Place), or the next In/Words reading for a hard copy. It has the word cock in it, and it is very tasteful.

UPDATE 4/10/13: Poem for C.D. Howe may be read in Issue 23.

UPDATE 4/15/13: National Survey may be read in Issue 24.