NPM #9 (There’s still lights in Rockcliffe Park)

Those kids laughing in the park stopped
—is it because of me? Heh.

Survivor; a definition: a kid on a bike
doing the Idaho stop in Ottawa, Canada.

Meerkats turning their heads. Passengers checking.
This sympathetic schlub recording this poem.

Yes and the rich get shells.
I drive through a red with no one ahead of me.

NPM #5 (Seen)

The commenter lols at Bree Olsen,
former actress, pictured crying
can’t get a job—what’d she expect

yeah, some women capital-L Like it, FWIW
—what’s it matter? The patter of hands
beating on a window somewhere.

I suppose all that
will be read: the threads, the history
what I wanted to see

but not what I muttered
walking behind the young woman
in a swimsuit that day.