Tough and honest and lovely

Horsebroke_2 Cover glamour shot

“A mix of straightforward, gritty poems with fanciful stuff. Some wry humour, some poems of youth, and ferocious poems as well.”—Amanda Earl, Editor of & Angel House Press

“The new poems are strong and tough and honest and lovely and welcome after so long, and the books are beautifully made.”—Cameron Anstee, Apt. 9 Press

I am proud to announce that, one, the first edition of Amanda Besserer’s The Desert and The Flood sold out, and two, that a new edition is now available. Please visit my Horsebroke Press for a copy.

It’s been a pleasure working with Amanda. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Follow her on wordpress or twitter for more poems, articles, and oversharing.

Clean to the blade

I have a new poem up at Blacklock’s Reporter. Consider it a sneak preview of what you’ll get in FIVE, the #poetrytour anthology from Apt. 9 Press.

A thank you to Editor Tom Korski and everyone at Blacklock’s for providing clear, meaningful analysis of how government works (or doesn’t) in Canada—with a spot for poets. If you’re in need a chuckle, look up Shai Ben-Shalom’s poems at Blacklock’s. Total Martian world view.