NPM #17 (For the sake of feeling better)

Picture ancients debating archery’s
ethical implications, positing
it made killing too easy.

Picture your handsome ancestor
landing headshots.

Picture me, with what little you know,
sucker-punching someone I loved.
Picture me hugging them. Sobbing

no malice remaining
for those who did nothing.


NPM #5 (Seen)

The commenter lols at Bree Olsen,
former actress, pictured crying
can’t get a job—what’d she expect

yeah, some women capital-L Like it, FWIW
—what’s it matter? The patter of hands
beating on a window somewhere.

I suppose all that
will be read: the threads, the history
what I wanted to see

but not what I muttered
walking behind the young woman
in a swimsuit that day.