The lake round Mount Babel, Quebec, two crescents
engineered into a ring. A Dutch couple reports:
Like kayaking straight sea, the sun the only hint.
When that rock hit, it raised that mountain,
razed a million trees, burnt New York.
The tourists cannot digest our Quebecois guides,
speak French-French, but they are jealous
of our loons, red-eyed and flirting in the wake.


Today’s prompt was the Eye of Quebec, pictured above. I didn’t make anything up either. Check out this PDF from the Dutch Kayakers, detailing their three week trip around Mount Babel. It’s equal parts science and survival skills.

Yesterday’s poem about the Slash was also informed by some aquatic journal writing. Please check out, “Smuggler Swim 2016,” a great piece of prose by a swimmer who covered a nineteenth century smugglers route. The author does a fantastic job switching between the smuggler’s last trip, and their own swim.

Photo source: NASA.