though my soul was obscure I was common

“Be quiet while the poets are speaking,” bellowed Dave Emery sometime in the late years of Bush & the early of Harper’s. That was probably my fifteenth or twentieth time at In/Words’ open mic @ the Avant Garde Bar. Now recreating Ghost World screen caps in real life David Joel Crary Emery now edits The Steel Chisel, an online mag I’m happy to have a poem in this month (How to Kiss the Prime Minister).

The Steel Chisel takes its name from John Newlove’s “Such Fun, Such Fun.” Its first stanza;

When the poets stopped writing poetry
I thought they were dead
and I went about and tried to describe my country
not leaf by leaf but soul by soul
and I found that though my soul was obscure
it was common. Liquor cured me or calmed me
and pain and long lying lines.

gives a little solace as the Leafs exit the playoffs and my many projects compound. Lets all have a moment for the country’s most powerful Leafs fan; think what a little love might accomplish, unconditionally.