Only only


Parse the weather (no walls, no canals)
what’s seen’s our bioluminesence.

Not our paths but the roadside fixtures
(though not the fixtures themselves).

Closer: no infrastructure. Networkers’ detrius.
The archeologist suggests: Leave everything,

thinking of their students’ students.
Gyres of threats and some apology.

We feared we’d freeze, and then we’d burn.
What we does rhymes with learn, but only only.

When I was young
we were running out of gum.


Today’s poem was prompted with a simple request: write about manmade creation seen from space. After protesting even the Great Wall’s visibility’s a myth, my partner pointed out the lights. Bless her. Also thanks to Ben Ladouceur for the bit about archeology.

Image source: NASA.

McFadden Room Couture

At the reading one feature was missing because of a family medical emergency. When I returned home, I was informed an old friend’s got cancer. This poem is meant to pet the heart.


bur goes the sound of now
no more electric heat
the doctor reclining and smiling

would you believe it on tv?

toothpaste’s applied to brushes
and brushes are affixed to the fronts of street cleaners
and street cleaners work off time

is that a little kinder or little meaner?

oh so this is my beer now
and the glass
must be clearer
and now I’ve cleaned off this beer

would you take me kinder or meaner?

whir flows the wound of never
no more ever. I bet often
the doctor is smiling and also crying

would you prefer it on tv?