Town home


Anarchist squirrels free seed from my kind neighbours’ feeder.

The proletarian kit of pigeons are most welcome for this,

as they are for our balconies; our ongoing conversion

of open air to rock face. After bird carnage at city hall, officials

have covered-up the glass walkway with brown paper.


Report: Warhol’s prophetic tweet is inverted heretofore:

In the future everyone will be shamed for fifteen minutes.

Another neighbour kept two brown work-socks

hung all winter. Another neighbour manifests solely

as a cat let out; a cat who makes both mine purr.


When a neighbour leaves our common landlord endeavours

months’ of reno., raising the rent of the free unit

such that every new neighbour is richer than the last.

Out front, a man pulls up with a piece of chalk

snug in a cigarette holder; it must be four.


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